Back-to-School Promo


Join Math Project’s high school math prep courses in August and get an early start on your school math! This is the time of the year where high school students can benefit the most, as they’ll get a head start in refreshing and strengthening their math skills. By starting a month earlier than the rest of your schoolmates, you’ll feel more confident and prepared once the school semester begins again! For FREE registration, call us at 1-844-628-4243 between August 1st to August 31st for a head start in your high school course!


At Math Project, we understand that there is no one better suited to talk about our strengths than our lovely parents and students! That is why we have created our word-of-mouth initiative: Chatter Box Promo! This initiative is designed to spread knowledge and awareness of Math Project’s services among communities. In telling your friends and family about our math programs, you contribute to bettering the future of math education! The more students we can help, the more minds are equipped in having essential math skills for future success. Not only are we inspired by our students’ improvements in math education, but we are also truly appreciative towards parents and their kind words. With this special promotion, we give back to you! As a thank you, we will reward every enrollment based on your referral with a $25 gift card of your choice from Amazon, Walmart, or Starbucks!